NYLON LEASH - with Napa Leather Grip
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This is a premium 6 foot leash that can be used in mutiple enviornments.

Walking, hiking, tracking, training, to name a few.


  • 3/4 inch (20 mm) wide excellent double ply nylon
  • high quality, soft leather support material on handle
  • strong brass snap hook
  • high quality stitching 
  • corrosion and rust resistant hardware

The handle:

The inside support material is made of Nappa leather. It is a kind of very soft and pleasant in touch leather. When your dog pulls the leash hard, you can pull it back hard as well but even after several hours of walking with your dog, the skin on your hands will remain the same, without any damages!

The Nylon Advantage:

  • Nylon is super strong;
  • it stands bad weather easily;
  • the material is water resistant;
  • Nylon never stretches;
  • it doesn't lose its color;
  • it is highly resistant to rot, mold, dew, insects, animals and lots of chemicals;
  • its surface does not irritate your touch
  • Brass hardware:
  • Lightweight:
  • Nylon:
  • Water Proof:
  • Item #: K9L10

NYLON LEASH - with Napa Leather Grip

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